Organzing life and making changes

It’s been a ongoing journey for me. I tend to reach a lot of momentum, get super excited and then I just- drop everything. Back to zero.
I’m currently in my uphill again. I’m gettting motivated, taking better care of myself and focusing on my health as well as what I let into my life.
Im starting a closet purge and just keeping the items that make me feel amazing. The best only.



I knew that I was going to take a long time to refurnish my new place with a decent budget, but with a little time and patience, my living room is being put together. I’m still missing some art pieces-but that’s a project I have reserved. (I will be making my own art- I shall write another post about it in my later time) 

Living room so far <$700

Update on my living room:

Couch: $500 (American Freight)

Rug: $40 (Ross)

Table: $12 (Goodwill)

Tray: $10 (Ross)

Blanket: $15 (Ross)

Starting Over Part 2

So, it has been roughly 3 weeks since I moved into a new place following  a break up. I had given up most of my things when I moved in with my ex-partner (mostly because they were old) and so now I am faced with having to buy everything for an apartment  from scratch.. this is going to be expensive. Just as I was doing so well on my goal of saving up to pay off my credit cards..this happens.. Oh well, that’s life for you, isn’t it?

Alright, so far I have spent money just on the essentials – bed and mattress ($306 combined) and a $500 couch  (+ $75 delivery fee) I will most likely be writing a blog entry with details on my method  because it would have been SO helpful to have a guide to help. It has been a month already since i moved in yet and my apartment still mostly  empty! It’s okay because I know my patience will pay off and I will have a cozy decorated apartment I will love for cheap.

I see a Pinterest addiction coming. 

Actual pic of my room at it current status.. so sad

I won’t lie though, I love the feeling of starting fresh. This is all happening around spring time- so it’s a beautiful coincidence. I’m excited to see how my place turns out.

More to come!