I cannot believe how far I have come. Looking back at my posts from 2015… I can actually say that I am no longer in debt. I mean, I still owe about $4k on my car, and $1k left of student loan savings.. but that’s nothing. The only reason I have not fully paid them off is because I don’t find a point in it (I am not paying much interest). I have $10k in savings somehow. I have ZERO credit card debt! I use my credit card, but always pay it off and I never carry a balance. Now, I must admit, I have not been SUPER dedicated but I think just wanting to head that path I ended up there, slowly but surely. I also haven’t taken many vacations away. I think the last time I took an “expensive” vacation  was to Puerto Rico about 2 years ago. I am back into focusing on my improvement, I am back on my blog and this time I am staying. A lot has happened in the last 2 years… two failed serious relationships and a terrible review at work (which I wrote about on a post here) I am so proud of myself. Instead of letting that bad review bring me down, I stared looking at other opportunities and ended up taking a leadership position which I am currently excelling at. I am so excited!  I can’t wait to see what my future holds. Right now, I am trying to learn as much as I can about investing use my current savings. I have 10k now, but I want to save $5k more and invest it all.  More to come…



Brain Control

This is absolutely fascinating. As we develop technology to see and research never before seen areas, we are finally able to put science behind the idea previously thought as “psdeudoscience”. YOU CAN REWIRE YOUR OWN BRAIN. This is not fake, this is real, concrete changes in brain activity through your own awareness.
It’s incredible.

Starting over

For any of you who may ever find yourselves in my current position of starting life on a blank slate. I have recently  rented a new place, with no furniture to my name.  I refuse to spend thousands of dollars refurnishing, so I am opting out for other alternatives to cheaply decorate my place.

I found this link and I thought it was very helpful- I am very excited about my new place! I want to decorate it with a comfortable, minimalist style.

Let’s see how the journey goes.

Home Decor for fraction of price!