10 Things You Can Do Today to Improve Your Life

Life hacks from psychologists


Organzing life and making changes

It’s been a ongoing journey for me. I tend to reach a lot of momentum, get super excited and then I just- drop everything. Back to zero.
I’m currently in my uphill again. I’m gettting motivated, taking better care of myself and focusing on my health as well as what I let into my life.
Im starting a closet purge and just keeping the items that make me feel amazing. The best only.

Brain Control

This is absolutely fascinating. As we develop technology to see and research never before seen areas, we are finally able to put science behind the idea previously thought as “psdeudoscience”. YOU CAN REWIRE YOUR OWN BRAIN. This is not fake, this is real, concrete changes in brain activity through your own awareness.
It’s incredible.


I knew that I was going to take a long time to refurnish my new place with a decent budget, but with a little time and patience, my living room is being put together. I’m still missing some art pieces-but that’s a project I have reserved. (I will be making my own art- I shall write another post about it in my later time) 

Living room so far <$700

Update on my living room:

Couch: $500 (American Freight)

Rug: $40 (Ross)

Table: $12 (Goodwill)

Tray: $10 (Ross)

Blanket: $15 (Ross)