One of the success “secrets”


This is so beautifully simple concept yet so difficult for people to do. It just makes sense, how do we keep that motivation?



Brain Control

This is absolutely fascinating. As we develop technology to see and research never before seen areas, we are finally able to put science behind the idea previously thought as “psdeudoscience”. YOU CAN REWIRE YOUR OWN BRAIN. This is not fake, this is real, concrete changes in brain activity through your own awareness.
It’s incredible.


I knew that I was going to take a long time to refurnish my new place with a decent budget, but with a little time and patience, my living room is being put together. I’m still missing some art pieces-but that’s a project I have reserved. (I will be making my own art- I shall write another post about it in my later time) 

Living room so far <$700

Update on my living room:

Couch: $500 (American Freight)

Rug: $40 (Ross)

Table: $12 (Goodwill)

Tray: $10 (Ross)

Blanket: $15 (Ross)

Starting Over Part 2

So, it has been roughly 3 weeks since I moved into a new place following  a break up. I had given up most of my things when I moved in with my ex-partner (mostly because they were old) and so now I am faced with having to buy everything for an apartment  from scratch.. this is going to be expensive. Just as I was doing so well on my goal of saving up to pay off my credit cards..this happens.. Oh well, that’s life for you, isn’t it?

Alright, so far I have spent money just on the essentials – bed and mattress ($306 combined) and a $500 couch  (+ $75 delivery fee) I will most likely be writing a blog entry with details on my method  because it would have been SO helpful to have a guide to help. It has been a month already since i moved in yet and my apartment still mostly  empty! It’s okay because I know my patience will pay off and I will have a cozy decorated apartment I will love for cheap.

I see a Pinterest addiction coming. 

Actual pic of my room at it current status.. so sad

I won’t lie though, I love the feeling of starting fresh. This is all happening around spring time- so it’s a beautiful coincidence. I’m excited to see how my place turns out.

More to come!

Starting over

For any of you who may ever find yourselves in my current position of starting life on a blank slate. I have recently  rented a new place, with no furniture to my name.  I refuse to spend thousands of dollars refurnishing, so I am opting out for other alternatives to cheaply decorate my place.

I found this link and I thought it was very helpful- I am very excited about my new place! I want to decorate it with a comfortable, minimalist style.

Let’s see how the journey goes.

Home Decor for fraction of price!