Starting over

For any of you who may ever find yourselves in my current position of starting life on a blank slate. I have recently  rented a new place, with no furniture to my name.  I refuse to spend thousands of dollars refurnishing, so I am opting out for other alternatives to cheaply decorate my place.

I found this link and I thought it was very helpful- I am very excited about my new place! I want to decorate it with a comfortable, minimalist style.

Let’s see how the journey goes.

Home Decor for fraction of price!


Scientifically studied methods of life improvement

In my path of constant self improvement, I have come to understand that I need to take better care of myself- both physically and mentally. I found this article with helpful simple, but powerful, tips to take better care of YOURSELF and thus, improve your life in all other areas.  I call these, hacks to engineer a better life!

Science-Backed Life Improvements