Beginning of Year social media Cleansing

Today as of 1/27/17 I have deactivated instagram and Facebook. 

Time to focus on self improvement and get my time back 


Debt to my Name 

First step: Mesure

I am $11.2k in debt as of 1/27/2017 from:

  • Credit card debt (4 cards, $8.4)
  • School loans ($2.8)

Not including my car.

Throwing in my car loan ($8.8k)

That’s a total of $17.3k in debt!

My current income (pretax): $60k

Debt to income ratio: 0.28; 

Repayment plan:

$330/mo – pay off Martin FCU  CC

$350/mon- pay off BOA CC

$680/mo CC payoff in 1 year 

Update: February 4th, 2018

I am in debt of $7,751

  • $5,937 car loan
  • $1,184 student loan
  • $630 credit cards (non revolving)